Meet The Team

“Individuals can and do make a difference, but it takes a team to really mess things up.”

Vaibhav Chhabra, Founder

Vaibhav Chhabra


Vaibhav Chhabra is a mechanical engineer by profession but a carpenter by passion. A graduate from Boston University, Vaibhav spent 2 years of his career at EyeNetra, a startup from MIT media labs, building eye diagnostic devices. A few years ago, when he moved to Mumbai, Vaibhav began ‘Makers Asylum.’ He essentially coupled his degree with his passion to create the first community Makerspace in India. He is also the Chair for innovation and entrepreneurship at Young Indians – Confederation of Indian Industries and a Global Shaper at the World Economic Forum. He enjoy’s making furniture, machines and winning at ping pong.

Anool Mahidharia, Co-Founder, Mentor

Anool Mahidharia

Co-Founder, Mentor

Anool is an Electrical Engineer, working in the field of Test & Measurement at Lumetronics. When not working at his day job, he dabbles in Astronomy, Origami, Photography, Tinkering, Hacking, and Cycling. His choice for the daily commute in Mumbai are his bicycles. He is one of the founders duo of WyoLum Emergents – a global group of Open Hardware enthusiasts. Between all of his hobbies and cycling, he manages to discuss and create original Open Source circuit boards and projects. As a master of digital design, Anool is the driving force behind WyoLum projects.

Mansi Ghuwalewala, Content Manager

Mansi Ghuwalewala

Content Manager

Mansi has done a PG in Design Innovation from ISDI Parsons, Mumbai. She has worked in fields like advertising, teaching and game based learning. She enjoys finding new and more informal ways to meet learning objectives and is especially interested in peer-to-peer education. This is why she is with us, dedicated to propagating the maker movement. She is the one who can guide you through the upcoming exciting events at the Asylum. In her free time, she loves to paint, travel, read and build on her own ideas.

Girish Malage, Space Manager

Girish Malage

Space Manager

Girish is an Architect by profession and an Industrial designer by passion. After working in clean corporate firms, he loves to get his hands dirty in the workshop everyday hence the Asylum Space Manager. In his free time, he enjoys playing bass guitar and drums and performs at various heavy metal gigs in the city. He loves adventure sports, especially Himalayan trekking and swimming in the seas.

Ronak Jogeshwar, Space Manager

Ronak Jogeshwar

Space Manager

Ronak, a not so frugal Sindhi who is a Mechanical Engineering Graduate, served as a Project Manager at AIESECer and Letsintern. He also worked with The First Group, a Dubai Based real estate firm for business development. Spearheads Legal and online activities for his family business in Real Estate. He aspires to be Jack of all, seek inner peace and meet as many amazing people as possible.


Parmesh Shahani,

Parmesh Shahani

Parmesh heads the Godrej India Culture Lab and also serves as the Editor-at-large for Verve magazine. In addition, he is a Yale World Fellow, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader, a TED Fellow and a Utrecht University-Impakt Fellow. His book – Gay Bombay: Globalization, Love and (Be)Longing in Contemporary India (Sage Publications) was released in 2008.

Ramesh Raskar,

Ramesh Raskar

Ramesh Raskar is an Associate Professor at MIT and is director of the Camera Culture group at MIT Media Lab. He was a Senior Research Scientist at MERL. He is also the Co-Founder of EyeNetra, an award winning MIT Media Lab spin-out based on a low cost mobile eye diagnostic.

Tiago Allen, Graphics Advisor

Tiago Allen

Graphics Advisor

Graphic Designer with an MBA in Marketing with over nine years of experience with design of corporate identity and communication for companies in Brazil and abroad. Tiago is an enthusiast of Design Thinking and Lean methodologies, in the last four years he has dedicated himself to apply all this knowledge accumulated in projects and consultancy focused on Interface Design, User Experience and Product Development for Brazilian startups.

Champion Makers

Hemal Chevli, Electronics

Hemal Chevli


Hemal is an electronics design engineer based in Surat, India. He owns design house called Black Electronics, where he plays with his hand built CNC router and Laser cutter, and also makes shiny interactive things and installations. Hemal Started out in hobby electronics over 25 years ago and since has worked in areas as design engineering, electro-mechanical engineering, concept design, software application design, PCB design, CNC hardware and software design, web development technologies, CAD/CAM and too much other stuff he usually doesn’t talk about or can’t remember.

Ankit Daftrey, Electronics and Interaction Design

Ankit Daftrey

Electronics and Interaction Design

Ankit loves building objects, tools and systems that improve convenience, output, or just fun.
He enjoys working on interactive public installations, fun desktop objects and alternative mobile interfaces. He occasionally teaches electronic prototyping when he is not busy meeting people over coffee or devouring the Internet. The intersection of science, art and technology is where he wants to be.

Himanshu Agrawal, Origami

Himanshu Agrawal


Himanshu is an Origami artist who whose work can be found under the name Orukami. Himanshu develops some very elaborate designs of his own as well, and especially enjoys large scale origami. He has 5 Limca records under his name. Besides India, work has been featured in Italy, Sharjah, Dubai, UK, Japan, Korea and Poland.

Sunil Gogia, Artist

Sunil Gogia


Sunil Gogia, a born Mumbaikar (DOB 28.6.1948), is a self-taught artist. His brush with this unique art-form dates back to 2009 when he stumbled upon ‘Spray Paint Art’ aka ‘Aerosolgrafia’. In his pursuit to satiate his innermost art desires, he worked tirelessly acquainting himself with the innumerable uses of the spray cans and began creating art with it. He is probably the first to be practising & promoting this art-form in India.

Samarth Shah, 3D Printing

Samarth Shah

3D Printing

Diploma in Fine Arts from Rachna Sansad, Character Modeler in Crest Animation Studios, Production In-charge Niks And Mits Animation Studios. Melting Mints Founder – 3D Printing company.

Viren Vaz, WoodWork

Viren Vaz


Viren can best be described as a software professional by day and a tinkerer by night.
For the last 7 years he is living proof that even a small home in Mumbai can turn into a woodworking workshop. Working from 10PM to midnight he has over the years turned out items of furniture ranging from a small shoe rack to a large 7×6 foot bed. He also makes wood puzzles and miniature furniture and is obsessed with designs that do not need metal fastners.
In addition to working wood, Viren can also repair a leaky tap, replace a switchboard and bake a cake. He hopes to add pottery and working leather to the list.

Madhuvanthi Mohan, Artist

Madhuvanthi Mohan


Madhuvanthi Mohan is an illustrator who runs her own company, Something Sketchy, where she puts her illustrations and designs on products like notebooks, coaster-magnets, calendars, postcards and keychains for retail. Something
Madhuvanthi also runs an illustrators’ group called The Sketchup, for inspiration, connection and collaboration, where she brings her illustrator friends together for meetups and talks. She painted the Makers’ Asylum Delhi “Pass it on” mural in her signature style of type.