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Maker’s Asylum is a collaborative Makerspace.

We bring together engineers, architects, designers, artistes, academicians, healthcare professionals to work on interdisciplinary projects through exploration and learning. As a designated FabLab, our centres in Mumbai and Delhi impart weekly rapid prototyping and digital fabrication trainings, work working and electronic workshops in addition to community required & requested meetups, build groups and sponsored projects.   

For hardware entrepreneurs, it’s easy access to tools, technology and talent so they can prototype their ideas.

For problem solvers, it’s a space to exchange ideas with other like and unlike-minded folks who share your passion.

For hobbyists, it’s a place to explore, tinker and learn.

Don’t let those ideas die on the drawing board. Come make your ideas happen!


To support this mission, we offer:

  • An array of 3D printers, laser cutters, CNC machines, electronics lab and prototyping tools for woodworking, robotics, bicycle building and repair, rapid prototyping, open source computer-aided design.
  • Regularly organised, affordable and publicly-accessible classes by local makers, focusing on either creating a final product the student can take home or general training for specific tools.
  • Affordable monthly membership plans that include access to our facility and tools.
  • On-site material and project storage allowing community members to create and store projects without the hassle of handling material and storage logistics.

Don’t get left behind, come explore the love for Making: Membership options