Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

Last few weeks at the Asylum have been phenomenal. Workshops, events and hackathon in full throttle. The energy was overwhelming. We hosted the first of its kind hackathon called “Asylum Hack” in collaboration with Godrej. It was 3 days of non-stop breaking and making consumer electronics devices. Hackathons are great learning experience for individuals and … Continued

Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

One of the craziest weeks at the Asylum. It was loaded with action. If you weren’t there, then you simply weren’t there. So let me tell you what we’ve been upto. To start with, we spent a great afternoon hosting the members of Social Innovation Exchange Summer School 2015 at the Asylum. We got to … Continued

Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

Another exciting week at the Asylum as makers poured in to work on their ideas. With our equipments and facilities being fully operational, and with the return of our tool trainings, it’s like spring time for the maker community here. Here are some updates on what we did at the space in the previous week: … Continued

Last Week at Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

The maker community rejoiced as we opened the gates to our brand new makerspace in Andheri. It goes without saying that version 4 of Maker’s Asylum is much bigger. Big enough to accommodate the ever growing maker community of Bombay. And as we did that, Ankit Daftery and Anool Mahidharia, two of our community champion makers, shared … Continued

Updates from the Mumbai Asylum

It’s been a great week at the Asylum with lots of activities and events. The new community space is shaping up nicely and it’s been quite a feat to get it done in this small a time. Painting, electrical wiring, lighting and carpentry – it all happened in full throttle. Meera Dabir, a professionsal decorative … Continued

Updates from Maker’s Asylum Mumbai

Sanchit, Kushal, Seeja and Khushboo who are architects had been working on getting a plan ready for the new Asylum which was followed by a lot of destruction and bringing down all the walls inside.The planning was done very carefully to accomodate all the needs of the maker community. After going through a lot of … Continued

What’s been happening at the Asylum

After wrapping up all of the stuff from our previous location in Lower Parel, we’ve been getting a lot of inquiries about workshops and membership at the Asylum. Well, we have some good news. Having found our new home in Andheri East, we will be back on track with the workshops and membership very soon. … Continued