Interactive Urban Elements Workshop

With a great list of guest lecturers and access to the right tools and space given graciously to us by the Maker´s Asylum, we invite interested and passionate people to join the workshop. We only ask you to bring your passion for design and a laptop for practical reasons of course! This is a great opportunity for anyone who wants a peek into the world of interaction design for reasons of interest or to pursue further studies in this field which incorporates design and electronics to fabricate great pieces of data driven usable art.

This workshop is put together with a lot of dedication to give a platform to collaborate with people from various fields, to work on building communities through design, to learn, create and further nurture our skills.

Areti Markopoulou , Academic Director at IAAC, Barcelona, along with her vibrant team is going to be here in India with us at the Maker´s Asylum on the 16th April , A week after the workshop [so we get enough time to show finished prototypes from the workshop to be exhibited on 16th! ] It is an amazing opportunity for participants looking at architecture at the global scale and the current research in the field, to interact with her. Her experience and knowledge in the field of architecture is immeasurable. An opportunity that should definitely not be missed!

Come join us! Let´s MAKE design weekends to remember!

Note: The workshop has been designed with limited space to provide each participant quality interaction and output from the workshop.

The workshop runs for 4 weekends starting from the 19th of march. On the 5th weekend is the Design open day.

The timings will be from 11:00 A.M to 5:00 P.M , Lunch will be provided at the workshop.

Basic Materials for prototyping will be provided + An arduino kit which participants gets to take home for further experiments.

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We start with a brief presentation on Interaction Design on the first day. Where the participants are given a peek into the world of interaction design. The varied avenues that design in interaction involves and the doors it can open to more efficient data oriented design solutions will be a part of the design lectures that follow.

  • The first guest lecture is by Ayaz Basrai . He runs the Bus ride Design studios in Mumbai. The wide range of projects emerging out of his studios has earned him the apex position in the design World! The efficiency and the details of the designs emerging out of the studio speaks volumes about the passion and consistency put into each project. The project covers a wide spectrum, ranging from Miniature sets for Disney studios, installation, God of details with restaurant designs, psychedelic clubs, to housing and urban interventions.
  • ´The Bandra Project´ by The Bus Ride Design Studio is an amazing venture which shows the co-existence of architecture and design. We hope this attitude of designing for people and communities inspires the participants at the workshop and becomes the theme as we kick start the workshop with Ayaz! ]

  • Carmen Aguilar y Wedge is an international designer/Architect with an eye for detail and design that surpasses the conventional design norms. As one of the founder members of Hyphen-Labs, her personality exuberates her passion for design. Her recent Interactive Urban intervention in New York called the ¨Prismatic_NYC ¨ emphasised on the interaction between environment and designs. In the words of Hyphen – Labs on the description of Prismatic_NYC – ¨ Prismatic_NYC is a luminous-kinetic sculpture oscillating above The High Line in New York City.  Measuring 70’ x 10’ (25 m x 2.5 m), Prismatic comprises of 66 individual prisms, each driven by a brushless motor together beaming over 40,000 integrated LED’s.  Prismatic allows us to meditate on the beauty of light, geometry, and waveforms.  Each side distinguishable from the other as they absorb, reflect, and generate light.  Harmonious luminescent rotations broadcast oscillating waves that spread out through the space and constantly reflecting our changing environment. ¨
  • If we can incorporate the design and fabrication detailing the interaction between users and environment in the way she juggles with all these in her designs, we would be that much closer to create and design a beautiful intervention in our workshop.


  • Anool Mahidharia is an Electrical Engineer, working in the field of Test & Measurement at Lumetronics. When not working at his day job, he dabbles in Astronomy, Origami, Photography, Tinkering, Hacking and Cycling. His choice for the daily commute in Mumbai are his bicycles. He is one of the founders of WyoLum Emergents – a global group of Open Hardware enthusiasts. Between all of his hobbies and cycling, he manages to discuss and create original Open Source circuit boards and projects. As a master of digital design, Anool is the driving force behind WyoLum projects. He is also the co-founder of Maker’s Asylum.
  • The collaboration between an enginner and a designer leads to a well rounded project. We are here to bring our passion into the environments we design and a holistic, collaborative group of engineers, product designers, architects, interior designers and everyone from variuos backgrounds, giving them a fertile ground to sow and reap great designs. We hope that with    Anool´s insight in the workshop, this spirit of collaboration, learning and advancing in better design is beautifully inculcated.

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  • Jayant Khanuja is a CEPT prodigy, who went on and pursued his masters at IAAC, Barcelona. A master Yoda of sorts of the coding and software and design land, He was one of the first few to have a thesis introducing coding with grasshopper and other modelling software in his school , while he was at CEPT. His work ranges from data integrated designs in product design, installations to pavilions and architecture. His practicality while approaching a design project integrating the nuances of design aesthetics is an exciting process to understand and incorporate.
  • We hope that as we move into the fabrication of prototypes week, his insights on design prove to show us the right way to move forward in our design journey in the workshop.