Bring your ideas to life!

Maker’s Asylum brings to you Rapid Prototyping, a 3-weekend hands-on certified program.

Build your knowledge about prototyping techniques with engineers, designers, architects and artists. Get intimate with the machines and materials at the Asylum to get your hands dirty and make your ideas happen!

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Participants will learn about the Laser Cutter, 3D Printer, CNC, Electronics and Power Tools. Immerse yourself in learning modules, expert talks, experiments and projects on skills learned. And what’s the best part? You get full access to Maker’s Asylum and its community of mentors and makers for the entire month! For more details on Membership, please click HERE.

Classes will be conducted over 3 weekends every month, and you will get access to the Maker’s Asylum for that whole month.

You can choose to take up individual sessions, but that will not include the membership, or the certification. The costs for the same are mentioned in the schedule photo below.
Day 1: Orientation, Electronics and Arduino
Day 2: CAD Software
Day 3: 3D Printing
Day 4: Safety standard talk, Laser cutting, CNC Router.
Day 5: Power tools and Certification.
Day 6: Project showcases and Community time.

Rapid Prototyping Schedule
Rapid Prototyping Schedule













Explore Rapid Prototyping! Build your imagination!

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