A Prize for winning a Prize!

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Given the date, don’t think of this as an April Fool’s Day joke. A while ago, the good folks at element14 gave me a prize for my project entry for their “Tis the Season for Inventing” contest. Then, they followed it up with giving me another prize for winning a prize ! This is what arrived on my desk today.


Opening it up, and out popped a delicious Pi ! As with the earlier prize, this one too goes to the Makers’ Asylum.


The discerning viewer will instantly recognize the all new, yummy, Raspberry Pi 2 Model B 1GB.

  • 6X Faster
  • Broadcom BCM2836 ARMv7 Quad Core Processor powered Single Board Computer running at 900MHz
  • 1GB RAM so you can now run bigger and more powerful applications
  • Identical board layout and footprint as the Model B+, so all cases and 3rd party add-on boards designed for the Model B+ will be fully compatible.
  • Fully HAT compatible
  • 40pin extended GPIO to enhance your “real world” projects
  • 10/100 Ethernet Port to quickly connect the Raspberry Pi to the Internet

Use it to build some kick ass project. Here’s a closer look at the board itself :

For a look at the improvements compared to the previous models, check out “Specifications” on this Wikipedia page. Besides this, the provision of four mounting holes is a nice improvement, as is the use of a micro SD card. If you’d like to play around with this delicious board, or any of the other interesting stuff we have at the Asylum, do get in touch with us.

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