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From Made In India open source Oxygen Concentrator to Open Source Plastic Recycling Auto, explore our projects that can inspire you to change the world.

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SDG shool

Nitrox Controller

A device for blending nitrogen and oxygen gas in a controlled manner to get “Nitrox”, used for breathing during diving.

Innovation School

Poop Picking Vehicle

A remote controlled car for pickingup the poop from the roads using scooping/raking mechanism

Innovation School

Eye-Blink Rate Monitor

This device can be used to increase the blink rate in order to mitigate Computer Vision Syndrome in a specific student using a mobile phone during digital learning.

SDG School


An Origami Robot

SDG School


The name “PathShaala” blends the essence of the word path (मार्ग) and the classroom(कक्षा) to deliver the message ‘Bridging the gaps’ very clearly, but in a natural, flowing style.

SDG school


A device which changes its color according to the power consumption in a household. This is to aware the user about his/her power usage patterns.

SDG School


“UnfoldEd” Stands for Unfolding Education, which means broadening the boundaries of learning. And, empowering kids with the knowledge of SDG.

SDG School

Mo Pam

An Educational Interactive Device, that every child can use to provide a way to self learning. Through this device, the children can improve in spelling… And also, they are able to relearn grammar rules while having fun.



“Saathi” is an Artificial intelligence based listening ear to children and detects the mood variations of them on day to day basis



With MINDSCAPE, you understand your mind, and don’t need to escape from your feelings anymore.

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World Map

“World Map” is an interactive IoT art installation with lots of RGB LEDs, which can be used to display any kind of data in form of LED patterns.