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From Made In India open source Oxygen Concentrator to Open Source Plastic Recycling Auto, explore our projects that can inspire you to change the world.

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Innovation School

Eye-Blink Rate Monitor

This device can be used to increase the blink rate in order to mitigate Computer Vision Syndrome in a specific student using a mobile phone during digital learning.

Innovation School


The Device “Eyedentify” is devised especially for the visually impaired to recognize people with the help of a cap fitted with camera and image processing unit.

SDG School

First Steps

“First Step” is an educational toy which
can be used to teach English alphabets to the kids in a fun and interactive way.

Maker's Asylum Projects

Flying Wheelchair (Flai’r)

Converting a wheelchair that is capable of sliding right into a paraglider to challenge the boundaries that controls the will of Differently abled.

SDG School

FUN धन

“FUN धन” is a fun board game invented to teach middle class families about finance and how to take finance related decisions.


Gandhi Drinks A Chai Tea

Gandhi Drink A Chai Tea is a fun way to learn English with the help of a Memory Card that can be used in urban communities to teach students.

Maker's Asylum Projects


This project helps the first time guitar learners to understand about the basic chord construction

Maker's Asylum Projects

Hackaberry Feedback System

Ever wondered what if an amputee with a prosthetic hand picks up a hot cup of coffee and drinks it? This feedback system let them know the temp. of the surface.

Improved Drying Rack

Idea: In humid cities like Kochi and Mumbai, in the monsoon, clothes do not dry because of the atmospheric humidity and saturation levels.. So, we



The goal is to make education more engaging for underprivileged kids that do not have access to modern technologies or other.

Steam School


This project enables remote and underprivileged to access of electricity.convert kinetic energy to electrical energy.

M19 Initiative Projects


This PAPR is designed to provide constant filtered airflow to healthcare workers in high risk environment during the pandemic.


Make it loud

A hand designed for students with Speech Difficulties to express themselves using Sign Language in their class / school.

Maker's Asylum Projects


The goal of the Maker Auto is to bring the tools, materials, mentorship, and creative energy of the maker culture to the streets of Mumbai.