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From Made In India open source Oxygen Concentrator to Open Source Plastic Recycling Auto, explore our projects that can inspire you to change the world.

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“Baksa” is an interactive art installation made for “The Lost Party”, a music and art festival of India.

Maker's Asylum Projects

Retro Arcade

DIY Retro Arcade which brings back the arcade experience and also the memories of old good days.

SDG School

FUN धन

“FUN धन” is a fun board game invented to teach middle class families about finance and how to take finance related decisions.

SDG School

First Steps

“First Step” is an educational toy which
can be used to teach English alphabets to the kids in a fun and interactive way.

Innovation School

Watch Door

The device “WATCH DOOR” is devised for small offices with low budgets on security. This is an inexpensive and a good alternative for conventional CCTV’s.

Innovation School


“Efficient Communication for Hospitalized outpatient” is devised for the patients who are unable to describe their problems effectively.

M19 Initiative Projects


Face masks get uncomfortable with prolonged usage. The Rebreather mask targets this discomfort and ensures safety against viruses and other contaminants

Innovation School


“ChargIon” prolongs the mobile device’s battery life and saves electricity due to Energy leaks when the device overcharges.



The Device “Eyedentify” is devised especially for the visually impaired to recognize people with the help of a cap fitted with camera and image processing unit.

Innovation School


‘BirdSense’ is designed to scare the birds in cities by eliminating the use of nets, which is a hassle to install and also often injures birds when they get stuck in them.



MiDoRe is an assistive wearable for visually impaired people, to help them learn, read and play the sheet music in real time.


DIY Prosthetic Socket

A DIY socket for a Prosthetic hand with sensor and batteries which can be adapted to various tasks required in daily life.

M19 Initiative Projects


This PAPR is designed to provide constant filtered airflow to healthcare workers in high risk environment during the pandemic.


Gandhi Drinks A Chai Tea

Gandhi Drink A Chai Tea is a fun way to learn English with the help of a Memory Card that can be used in urban communities to teach students.



Disco VR is a specially developed wearable that helps you dive in to our rich heritage and get an experience of the lifetime.