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From Made In India open source Oxygen Concentrator to Open Source Plastic Recycling Auto, explore our projects that can inspire you to change the world.

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Steam School


Augmented notepad which helps the disabled to communicate their thoughts comfortably and conveniently

Steam School


This project helps education institutions to track and improve the mental health of the educators.

Steam School


A low cost wearable device for the visually impaired to alert about the oncoming obstacles.



“UnfoldEd” Stands for Unfolding Education, which means broadening the boundaries of learning. And, empowering kids with the knowledge of SDG.



A device which changes its color according to the power consumption in a household. This is to aware the user about his/her power usage patterns.

Innovation School

Watch Door

The device “WATCH DOOR” is devised for small offices with low budgets on security. This is an inexpensive and a good alternative for conventional CCTV’s.

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World Map

“World Map” is an interactive IoT art installation with lots of RGB LEDs, which can be used to display any kind of data in form of LED patterns.

SDG School


A wearable insole for diabetic patients suffering from T2D consists of several pressure sensors to give dynamic feedback of the patients’ plantar pressure.