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From Made In India open source Oxygen Concentrator to Open Source Plastic Recycling Auto, explore our projects that can inspire you to change the world.

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Flying Wheelchair (Flai’r)

Converting a wheelchair that is capable of sliding right into a paraglider to challenge the boundaries that controls the will of Differently abled.

Maker's Asylum Projects


O-trotti is a project that Converts standard wheelchairs to electric ones at a fraction of the cost associated with buying brand name products.

Maker's Asylum Projects

Hackaberry Feedback System

Ever wondered what if an amputee with a prosthetic hand picks up a hot cup of coffee and drinks it? This feedback system let them know the temp. of the surface.

Steam School

Drum Suit

Playin drums can be fun. But, for those who are visually impaired, especially children who want to have fun playing it, the learning curve will be steeper.

Maker's Asylum Projects

Plastic Safari

With plastic safari we are not just indulging in word play but using skills and methods to lend a new lease of life to the greatest invention of all time in packaging – Plastic.

Maker's Asylum Projects


The goal of the Maker Auto is to bring the tools, materials, mentorship, and creative energy of the maker culture to the streets of Mumbai.



A guitar accessory that includes single-hand amputees in the user-base of guitar players and shoppers.