Autodesk’s Visit to Asylum


We were pleasantly surprised when Behram had senior executive members of the Autodesk team visit the Asylum on the 10th of June.
Autodesk all India head of marketing Mr.Prasad Phadke is no stranger to the Maker Culture, so he was extremely pleased to see a budding Maker Space right in the heart of the vibrant City of Mumbai.
Sachin gave them a tour of the Asylum and introduced them to various community projects that were underway. They were impressed with the wide variety of projects that we could accommodate in such a tight space. Electronics, Robotics, Wood Working, Laser Cutting, 3D Printing !




Anool had an animated discussion on how India was on the cusp of the local Innovation curve and how we’re going to shoot up pretty soon.
Mr. Phadke mentioned how Autodesk’s CEO & President Mr.Carl Bass is himself an avid Maker and is encouraging all kinds of Maker Movements over the Globe. Glad we have their attention then, wink.
They were very keen on having us talk about our Maker Space at their Autodesk University Event on August 7th. We discussed how we could exhibit a mini version of Maker’s Asylum for AU participants to get an idea of what an informal, collaborative Maker Space is like.



Autodesk is going all out this year to showcase how their software is enabling every creator out there. They are specially shipping in Lady GAGA’S 3D printed dress or Roger Federer’s shoe that was customized to fit him. We were impressed to know that the first life sized, 3D printed model of an Indian was no other than Mr. Sharukh Khan.

Behram was most keen on how Microsoft’s Hololens could be used at the Asylum for product visualization and instruction.The possibility of Microsoft Presenting Hololens at the Autodesk University made him bust into a small Jig.

All in, the Autodesk team were left genuinely impressed by what we are doing at the Asylum and how far we have come. They will be putting all their support behind us to further grow this movement.
We couldn’t be more pleased!

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