Bilal’s and Shilo’s visit to the asylum

Bilal the man behind kickstarting the maker movement in the middle east! visited the asylum on the 13th of March. Singing and dancing, pouncing with energy, Bilal and Shilo roared into the asylum."Bilal" We celebrated Aditi’s Birthday – she started maker fest in India. India’s only maker festival.
We started by talking about the community of the asylum and the ups and downs of setting up a makerspace. He shared his experiences of various maker spaces that he has visited and helped setup around the world. And exactly what is it about maker spaces that make them special? Is it the projects that are coming out or it the relationships its building – the hidden gem of the space that cannot be measured and the ripple effects last for decades.
How is that innovation happen? does it happen over the internet, over forums? no it happens when people bump into each other and share their backgrounds. These were some common ideologies that we all share.
We discussed the positives and negatives of membership model and why is it necessary and why its a barrier. The evening ended with some awesome coconut water outside the asylum and exchange of plans to meet soon in the future:)

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