CamTech Jugaadathon

**Kirti Shetty - **

**Kirti Shetty –

Another hackathon ? what is a hackathon ? this was my first one, there came a time when everyone was pitching for solutions it was pretty much listening to words like lets make this app- android-this wrist belt- this device-this product on repeat, i waited for something to grab my attention but nothing seem to interest me,even though the final pitch announcement was done- i finally went ahead and pitched.
What did i pitch? Well this years jugaadathon was focused around maternity and child care, so i pitched for developing a solution that would encourage Healthy Living for Pregnant women in rural areas.It was an honour to have interavtive session with Dr.Surajit Nundy (CEO,Raxa), Dr.Ajay Nair (Co-Founder & MD, Meradoctor) and Rishad Gambhir (Senior Field Manager, Dimagi India) who mentored and supported us throughout the project.

The solution was to encourage Groceries stores to start selling organic products and incentivise this service for the benefit of spreading awareness for healthy living for pregnant women in rural areas.This would also be encouraged by various corporates to grow further through their CSR (Corporate Services Responsibilities).
Jugaadathon was an amazing experience and so was the weather 🙂 If you haven’t attended a hackathon you surely are missing out on the excitement that i cant wait to experience once again.

**Vaibhav Chhabra –

I got to work with a great team of people, including a PHD student From MIT, Head of Arduino India, Founder of Devthon, a clinicial who had worked in various parts of the country and an entrepreneur working at Aims hospital in New Delhi. We worked to improve the last mile of the cold chain for temperature sensitive drugs. Over the 48hrs we came up with a working prototype of a thermal sensitive device that alarmed the carrier in case the temperature fluctuated over or below a certain threshold, hence giving the carrier enough time to react and save the medication.

From freezing in the cold GE facility, to walking 5kms for a bed after a hard day of work. It was a great experience for the Maker’s Asylum team. We will use some of these learning to make our events at the asylum more exciting and challenging for you guys.

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