Carpentry and Mechanics storage cabinet: The beginning of the build


We have finally begun THE series of builds of storage cabinets in the asylum. If you’ve been to the asylum then you know that the number of tools has suddenly shot up. Members too have begun using more than just the electronics equipment and we are now increasing blah blah blah .. go read Storage cabinets for carpentry and Mechanics. If you haven’t been to the asylum then stop reading and get to the asylum now

We met at 12:30, the gang from the second carpentry class and Kapil. A poor turn out in my opinion, but the torrential rain in the morning may have been the reason.

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I explained the build, the purpose of a build group and the series of builds we are going to be doing with particle board. In another few months the transformation of the asylum is going to be complete.

This specific build is a storage cabinet for carpentry and mechanics tools. I broke down the storage cabinet design into 5 parts

  • Column 1: Karthik, Aarudra, Kapil and Mohammed
  • Column 2: Karthik, Aarudra, Kapil and Mohammed
  • Drawers: 4 in total, Rushneh from my knocking on wood class will take this up with a couple of colleagues.
  • Pegboard: Unassigned
  • Collapsible table: Sonia from the knocking on wood class again.

In true build group fashion, each person or team is responsible for completing a portion of the build. The build members can meet at anytime at the convenience of the teams. The only limitation is that Kartik or myself needs to be present when the power tools are being used.

On the first day the team for column one used the jig saw, circular saw and a couple of make shift guides and long power cords to chop up the 8×4 11mm sheet of particle board into 2 sides of the columns. The big ‘b’s if I may 😉

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4 sheets of particle board have been provided by Associate Decor Limited (https://www.associatedecor.com/)

  • 2 11mm boards
  • 1 8 mm board
  • 1 17 mm board


Particle board cuts up as easily as MDF, infact it might be a little easier since it is a little less dense. In the next post, I’ll probably show you how we made the guides for cutting straight lines across 4 feet and some tips and tricks on how to screw into the edge.

If you wish to contribute to the build, get in touch with me on facebook. The pegboard portion is still unassigned.

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