Children get-set for some Making-Breaking in Maker’s Asylum!

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DIY Hour is our new initiative to help younger children of ages 8+ to start exploring the maker mindset. Each hour is designed to explore various themes like Repair, Upcycling, Art & Design, Technology, and even Science Experiments. The children get to make their hands dirty while exploring how to do fun projects that enhance their creativity and instill the making mindset.

Why is it important for children of ages 8+ to engage :

Making is a mindset and requires exploring to become confident with time. Creating with your hands is vital for the creative expression of the mind. As a young mind, this also enhances the ability to express thoughts. Research shows that Do-IT-Yourself activities help relieve stress among the children and also recover early from chronic illness and more. When kids are involved in DIY projects, It helps them gain enriching experiences and helps them gain valuable skills in an activity of their choice.

Let’s make some noise for the kids to GET-SET-READY for some Making-Breaking-Creating!

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