DIY Project: Blinky Badge

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Blinky Badge is a 555 timer controlled vibrobot. It is powered by two coin cell batteries. The eyes of the bot have a breathing LED effect i.e The LED fades in and fades out. 

The 555 is a timer ic which causes the LED and the vibrating motor to go on and off at a particular time for short duration or in intervals which causes it to move like a bug.


1. Two LED’s with series current limit resistors

2. Two CR2032 Coin Battery or two CR2016 cells in a single 2032 holder

3. Vibration motor to move the honey bee.

4. 555 timer controls current flowing through transistor, resulting in “breathing LED” effect

5. Vibration motor intensity changes in sync with the LED effect.

6. Use 555 as astable multivibrator with minor mods (see schematic)

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