Electronics Deep Dive

About the course


In the future, we will see ‘smart’ cities with transportation, energy consumption, security, and water use all improved through Electronics. Electronics enables inventors to create solutions that tackle the world’s problems and improve lives. This course is an intermediary course into the world of Electronics, Robotics and Internet of Things. 

Robotics 17th June (29 of 46)

Course Content

  • Introduction to Electronics
  • Basics of electronic circuits and components
  • Microcontrollers And Embedded system programming
  • Interfacing sensors and actuators with Arduino
  • Mini-project : Intruder Alarm/ Parking sensor
  • Introduction to Robotics 
  • Project 1: Assembly and Programming of Flashbob robot
  • Introduction to Internet of Things
  • Getting to know : the NodeMCU
  • How Internet works
  • Internet communication protocols and models 
  • Examples of Client Server Model
  • Examples of Publish- Subscribe Model
  • Essentials of  API integration and Adafruit
  • Mini-project : Weather station
  • Project 2 : Assembly of Voice controlled Lamp
  • Lamp controlled using custom app

Please note: The program fee is all inclusive of hardware, tool kits, delivery and facilitation.

  • How to: Electronic prototype
  • Basics of PCB and PCB fabrication
  • PCB designing softwares
  • Designing blinky badge
  • Designing custom arduino
  • Introduction to Soldering
  • Project 3 : Assembly and soldering MakerBee

Questions you may have

Not at all. It’s a very personalized 1:1 course where you get to learn from makers who are in the industry and want to give back by sharing their knowledge and helping you grow and build your “maker mindset”.

Absolutely. The courses start from scratch and we do not need any prerequisites. All we need is your willingness to learn! So anyone can start their maker journeys with our courses and programs.

Once you have signed up, we will ship you the hardware kits required for your course and in parallel schedule an onboarding call to give you access to MASH – our back scheduling and learning platform. Once you receive your kits, you are ready to start scheduling your time with your maker mentor. MASH will show you their availability calendar in the week so that you can schedule your time of the sessions according to your convenience. 

Each course has a personal maker mentor who will be facilitating your course content. You will have help and guidance from them in every session of the course.

  • You can write to us with your feedback after the first 3 sessions, we are happy to refund you 70% of the course fee. Post this we won’t be able to make any refunds.

For our larger flagship programs such as Innovation School & SDG School which are application based, we do offer scholarships. But for our shorter courses, which are non application based we do not have that option.