Future-tech skills for young talents to fit into the fast-changing world

Skills and Academic competencies are interconnected. The pandemic times have shown us how adapting to technology might be the only way to be ready for the future.

As we know, the world has been evolving at a much faster pace than expected, where technology is playing a crucial part in making our lives easier, better, faster and efficient.
Today, Skills and Academic competencies are interconnected. The pandemic times have shown us how adapting to technology might be the only way to be ready for the future. Young talents need to be agile to the changing nature of work and world needs, as the conventional learning methods have raised a series of problems like unskilled youths leading to unemployment, unable to create leaders and problem-solvers that this world needs. These problems arise because we’ve been focused only on getting scores & grades rather than developing & enhancing critical thinking and problem-solving skills among the students.

As the world continues to rely on highly technical and continuously evolving technologies, the need for talents with digital skills increases as well. Therefore, Skill development in technology emphasized by experiential learning is the way to the future. Through experiential learning, young talents would have access to hands-on experience & knowledge, develop new skills & be future-ready.

According to the initial research by Maker’s Asylum, 54% of the students said that the grading system should acknowledge the skills, and 84% said that Technical and vocational building is the way forward to build young talents. Also, 67% of the students said that learning in alternative spaces has to be certified.

Considering the above statistics, Maker’s Asylum launched a Skill-building program, ‘Innovation School,’ with Future-Tech skills required to fit into the fast-evolving world.

Innovation School by Maker’s Asylum is a program that nurtures young minds to develop solutions to the fast-changing world problems.

About the program:

Innovations School is a 1:1 Skill-building program built on the three pillars of Design Thinking, Rapid prototyping, and Frugal Innovation. Innovation school accepts bold, creative, and out-of-box thinking while learning core-technical skills, which helps learners develop leadership skills, critical thinking, communication, team building, and problem-solving skills.

The skills taught in the program include: Virtual Reality and App development, CAD modelling & 3D Design, Electronics & Robotics, IoT & Home Automation, Drone Making, and Augmented Reality to meet the needs of future technological development.

About the Courses:

CAD modeling & 3D design
CAD modeling & 3D design

Course 1: CAD Modelling & 3D design

In this course, CAD Modelling and 3D Design basics use software like AutoCAD and Fusion360 to unlock their potential and creativity to design solutions that impact real-life challenges. This course covers topics from basics of CAD Design like Intro to CAD modelling, UI and navigation in Fusion360, Basics of sketching to more advanced features like Freeform Modeling, Designing without the dimensions and more with proportionality.

Know More About CAD Modelling & 3D Design: Click Here

Electronics & robotics
Electronics & robotics

Course 2: Electronics & Robotics

Electronics & Robotics plays a vital role in developing and strengthening students skills through the creation and assembly of robots. Students find it funny and engaging because they feel free to interact directly with both electrical and mechanical processes and procedures of creating their own robot toy. In this skill, the students learn about the basics of Electronics, Arduino, and Programming. At the end of the program, they learn to develop an Intruder alarm and Flash bob robot that dances.

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VR & content app design
VR & content app design

Course 3: Virtual Reality

From online shopping and virtual working to medical operations, Virtual Reality (VR) is becoming an increasingly valuable tool for a multitude of industries. This course gives an in-depth understanding of Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. The students would be able to design a 2D game design in Unity software.

Know More About Virtual Reality Skill: Click Here

Course 4: Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the fastest emerging technologies in the gaming Industry. AR is used to simulate the desired environment using a camera-enabled device with a display. This course will help you gain an in-depth understanding of the various usage cases of AR. Also, at the end of the curriculum, you will learn to develop an AR project using Unity Software.

Know More About Augmented Reality Skill:

Internet of things
Internet of things

Course 5: Home Automation & IoT

IoT has greatly changed the way we live. Home Automation has been tremendously impacted by the
development of IoT. Every room and light can be controlled automatically by a smart device be it your
phone or a computer.
This course will introduce the students to the software, hardware required for IoT, controlling LED
from a web browser, weather station monitoring using NodeMCU. At the end of the course, they work
on a home automation project.

Know More About Augmented Reality Skill: Click here

Program and Fly a Drome

Course 6: Program and Fly a Drone

This course will teach the students to understand the drone’s dynamics and write a code for flying a drone. After the learning period, a two-week experiential journey where the talents are taken through design thinking to develop projects with the support of industry mentors from project ideation to creation.

Know More About Program and Fly a Drone: Click here

Projects developed by our Alumni:


The Device “ChargIon” prolongs the mobile device’s battery life and saves electricity due to Energy leaks when the device overcharges, which sometimes leads the device to blast.

Read more about the project here : Chargion


MiDoRe is an assistive wearable for visually impaired people to help them learn, read and play sheet music in real-time.
Read more about the project here: MiDoRe


A connected insole ( a wearable insole) for diabetic patients suffering from T2D consists of several pressure sensors to give dynamic feedback of the patients’ plantar pressure.
Read more about the project here: YAWO

Alumni about Maker’s Asylum:

Nakul Khambati – High School Graduate, Dhirubhai Ambani International School Mumbai.

Surrounded by many talented and creative entrepreneurs, I was inspired to turn an idea into a product. This led to the birth of our prototype mobile app, Bougebeta. As I worked alongside various people from different backgrounds, I realized that hard work and passion are enough to change the world.

Nakul Khambati – High School Graduate, Dhirubhai Ambani International School Mumbai.

I am very grateful for having Maker’s Asylum in my life. When I left school, I didn’t know what to do, but whenever I went to the Asylum, it was like nothing else mattered. I got so many opportunities and got to learn so much from different people. Being the youngest, technically, I wasn’t allowed to use the tools in other places, but I could do anything I wanted at the Asylum. I will always be grateful to everyone because it changed my life. The innovation school positions itself into alternate education systems where students come, learn, and explore different skills rather than just imparting knowledge from textbooks. The innovation school program helped many of their students to step up in their careers. After completing the program, these students have been accepted into prestigious universities like MIT, Columbia University, TUDelft, and CRI.

Sam Mathew – Technology Entrepreneur & Home Schooler

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