Hackaday Prize Worldwide : New Delhi


Having been open for a month now, the new-paint-smell had barely lost its edge, when the lovely folks from Hackaday reached out to see if we’d like to host the 2015 Hackaday Prize Worldwide event at our Delhi space. We couldn’t have been more excited. A week or so of planning and co-ordinating culminated into the event we hosted on the 18th of July, 2015. We’d planned a workshop followed by a show-n-tell and some quick talks and demos.

Despite it raining sporadically on the morning of the event, a sizeable crowd flocked to the asylum, some even coming in from as far as Bangalore. Walking in, there was a light spread laid out – grab a sandwich, a cookie perhaps, some coffee and wait for the workshop to start.


Soon enough, Anool began his bit – giving a brief talk on Hackaday and the Open Source movement followed by his KiCad workshop.

He took the group through the entire process- starting from designing a schematic, adding custom components and footprints to libraries, to actually laying out traces on the board.


He did this by leading the class in designing a breakout board for the very popular ESP8266 Wifi/Microcontroller module.

The workshop was fairly comprehensive, though he had to rush through some things in the end, Anool made sure everyone kept up with him as much as they could.


After the workshop, we broke for refreshments, and then headed off to check out the show-n-tell.


It was truly inspiring to see all sorts of makers from incredibly diverse backgrounds come crawling out of the woodwork to show off the cool stuff they were doing.



Some rather memorable projects were Mahesh’s Laser Generated Lissajous Figures, Jithin’s Python powered scientific instrumentation platform and Utkarsh’s projector.




For more adventures from the day, check out Maker’s Asylum Flickr

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