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We have seen that Industries have evolved and come quite far when it comes to the advancement of technology in the last decade. Things indeed no longer function the way they used to in the past, and every industry has turned out to be growing at its own new pace at every step of modernization. One such sector is Education. Many aspects of teachings have changed compared to a decade ago. New teaching methods and techniques have made their way deep into the roots and are relatively superior to before.

But what is most important is that being introduced with the latest practical ways in Education is the innovation part. Many schools, colleges, and various institutions focus on building innovators and creative thinkers as they will be the world’s future as innovation and life have consistently grown side by side. Education is the backbone of the economy for the majority of nations. The education system of a country defines the mindset and the success of the citizens.

Despite knowing the modern ways and the importance of innovation and creativity in Education, the reality is far from what it should have been. There is a notable gap between the practical application and the theoretical teachings. The adaptivity of innovative ideas in Education is relatively slow, and the knowledge gained turns impractical for the physical application.

But what is Innovation in Education?

Innovation broadly is defined as making righteous changes to something that has been established in the past but requires modernization. Technological advancement has become the driving force for change in every industrial sector in recent times. Similarly, it has impacted the education field as well.

With the growing technologies such as the emergence of smartphones, eBooks, High-speed internet, and E-Classrooms have been able to assist and provide individuals the opportunity of Education from anywhere and everywhere in the world with the availability of a stable internet connection.

Utilizing this advancement and making the most out of this opportunity, Maker’s Asylum focuses on providing unique hands-on learning programs such as CAD Modeling & 3D Design, Electronics & Robotics, 3D Printing & Laser, Virtual Reality, Home Automation & IoT, Drone Making, and Programming. 

These courses are supported and mentored by industry professionals from MIT, Space X, University Of Cambridge, and Space 10, along with highly qualified individuals on our advisory board. Our unified aim is to impart practical knowledge to our students to help them achieve and kickstart in their desired field by realizing the importance of innovation.  

Why Is Innovation Important?

The education system plays a vital role in designing an individual’s mindset from an early age until completing their formative years. The Country’s education system puts its youth in the molds that define how its citizens will be as adults and how well they will develop more innovative ideas for their society. The workforce’s needs are changing rapidly and are more bent towards innovating for the better tomorrow. This need of our present for the future, educational changes are necessary to derive the right mindset and get the most out of us.

Innovation In Education At Maker’s Asylum 

Looking at the industry’s rapid pace of changes and the digital transformations, we found a vision focused on the industrial needs and practical workforce to help students build the right mindset. We want students to look at theories, not as mere theories but as instructions for practical application. Our courses focus on gaining expertise, skills, and inventing things to help students develop the appropriate approach to learning new things in real-time. 

We have developed our design thinking courses to incorporate innovation in Education:

  1. Active Learning

Maker’s Asylum focuses on imparting knowledge through active learning, i.e., involving students through conversations, solving problems, case studies, role-plays, and other actively engaged approaches with our course material. Our courses aim our curriculum to be similar to that of colleges and schools but more industry-driven and practical.

This teaching method helps students improve their capacity by learning high-demand skills and increasing their future probability of getting into a renowned institution.

2. Facilitate Out-of-box Learning Opportunities

We can find Evidence that modern education methods have helped students learn better and get the most out of their Education by better understanding the concepts and theories for their practical approach.

Technological advancements such as using tablets, e-libraries, etc., have helped many students make exclusive use of the innovative education system’s modern facilities. We facilitate our students with all the tool kits to grasp the theory and perform the application simultaneously.

3. Provide Hands-On Learning Experience

As many of our mentors and renowned individuals on our advisory board have been recruiters, the major drawback found in students these days is too much theoretical knowledge and less or no excellence in practical experience. When a recruiter hires an employee, he sees if the employee would be an asset or liability for the organization; thus, he can prefer people with better practical knowledge as they have the desired experience.

The Innovation school program helps our students acquire direct hands-on knowledge from the beginning of the course, explaining the theory and applying the theory simultaneously.

We focus on skill-building rather than the traditional way of gulping theories as it is the practical knowledge that leads to an individual’s overall success. Practical knowledge should be the primary focus of educational institutions as that matters in the real world industries.

Industries require an individual to be skilled enough to complete a task, and that’s where the need for innovation in education kicks in. Join us today and see how innovation changes your life!

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