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The maker community rejoiced as we opened the gates to our brand new makerspace in Andheri. It goes without saying that version 4 of Maker’s Asylum is much bigger. Big enough to accommodate the ever growing maker community of Bombay. And as we did that, Ankit Daftery and Anool Mahidharia, two of our community champion makers, shared their experiences on making real products out of your hobby. Not only did they discuss that but we also flew a drone and shot some 4K videos with an onboard camera and raced with our battery powered RC cars. Now that’s a memorable opening to a makerspace. Here’s a sample of all the action that day:


Last week we had a diverse set of visitors at the Asylum. To start with, we had Dr. Maximilien and Mr. Biard from the French Embassy in Mumbai over to discuss how the makers of India can work with the French makers to solve real world problems. They were quite intrigued to find out that the maker movement in India had gathered phenomenal momentum. Look how Dr. Maximilien was baffled at watching our community champion Himanshu Agarwal’s origami installation in Netherlands :



And then, we had Navi Radjou at the Asylum to check out our makerspace. He has co-authored the book ‘Jugaad Innovation’, and believes big time in frugal innovation, i.e. doing more with less. He was all ears when we talked about the jugaad we did with our space and otherwise.



Maker’s Asylum team attended Mini Maker Faire, a celebration of local maker culture and community. It is a gathering of fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do. This was India’s first Maker Faire, organised by Workbench Projects in collaboration with nasscom. The event took place in Bangalore. Met some interesting makers there:

More details on Maker Faire on Jugaad Magazine – https://www.jugaadmagazine.com/mini-maker-faire-round-up/


And then there was CII (Confederation of Indian Industries) in Mumbai, where Vaibhav Chhabra (Founder of Maker’s Asylum) was on the discussion panel.


Oh, and we started our popular tool trainings on Laser Cutter and 3D Printers. Here’s our first one:


And that’s how we spent our last week. Stay tuned for more updates.


Things that you don’t wanna miss-

  1. Launch Party and 2nd Anniversary celebration of Maker’s Asylum Mumbai – https://www.facebook.com/events/966480776726413/
  2. We’re organising a series of talks, discussions, documentary screenings and more. And we’re calling it ‘Cosmic Bytes’. The first one to be held on 8th November. For more deets – https://www.facebook.com/events/979007255488995/

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