Makerspaces have traditionally been innovation hubs at the time of crisis for communities across the world. The reason – quick access to tools and equipment in order to prototype solutions “rapidly”. Maker’s Asylum is committed to the cause of contributing meaningfully to the #COVID19 pandemic! This page is dedicated to all our initiative to fight against coronavirus and in turn really hoping that the world goes back to normal soon. #makersgonnamake

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#M19 Philosophy

Why India Needs Open Health?

How can we solve India’s oxygen problem?



Maker’s Asylum is a playground for artists, designers, engineers, doctors or anyone who wants to get their hands dirty and make their ideas happen! While everything shut when India went into the biggest ever national lock-down on 23rd of March 2020, our team decided to self isolate at our space to keep making!

The M-19 initiative started with a thought of giving only 1000 M-19 shields to the frontline workers. However, in 49 days we were able to activate 42 cities, towns and villages through our open source design and give over 1 Million M-19 face shields through #theM19Collective.

The collective comprised of over 300 individuals/groups who did not know each other but came together to stand for a common purpose. The M-19 shields are an ode to the power of a collective and truly represents self-sufficient local ecosystems – a new norm in a post #COVID19 world.

The initiative is still active as we continue to donate face shields across the country as the fight against COVID19 still stands far from over. Self-sufficient and sustainable local ecosystems will be the new norm of a post #COVID19 world. For the true spirit of making in India #makersgonnamake

Also, we are calling them the M-19 Shields (M as a tribute to the maker community and 19 for #COVID19)

M-19 shipped of 1,000,000 goal

#M19 Collective

  • Trivimus Technologies Kolkata : 250000

  • Fracktal Works Bangalore : 189796

  • Maker’s Asylum Mumbai : 135060

  • Venture Center Pune : 83415

  • Delhi Brothers : 75000

  • Geburt Plast : 73600

  • Scoonews & Fabmat Jaipur : 72000

  • Fablab Nagpur : 29000

  • Marwadi University Rajkot : 15000

  • SAC ISRO & Savalia Machining Ahmedabad : 15000

  • Gauri Laser Arts Ahmednagar : 12000

  • Robonist Makerspace Aurangabad : 11500

  • Maker’s Adda Nashik : 10000

  • Guardians Hyderabad : 8700

  • 3D Paradise Delhi : 8400

  • Makerspace Jalgaon : 8000

  • Wizaro Kolkata : 8000

  • Corugami Pune : 7050

  • Sahayya (सहाय्य) Nanded : 6700

  • Vigyan Ashram Pabal : 6000

  • Maker’s Hub Bhatkal : 6000
  • Agents of Shield Ganganagar : 4000

  • Fitwelforge Tumkur : 3800

  • Merago Lab Aurangabad : 3000

  • Indore Cares : 3000

  • Aranya & Ishita Delhi : 3000

  • Pusad : 2400

  • Artisans Asylum Massachusetts : 2200

  • Mistri Labs Nainital : 1200

  • Guwahati : 1100

  • Yun Solutions LLP, Pune : 954

  • Pradyna Ratnagiri : 530

  • Fablab Bhubhaneshwar & Dr Philip : 530

  • Kanpur : 500

  • Gramiksha Jammu : 480

  • Gramiksha Gwalior : 470

  • Kongu TBI at KEC, Coimbatore : 380

  • Dhwani & Nisarg Bhavnagar : 379

  • The Pathshala Project Jammu & Kashmir : 360

  • Mundada Creation Jalna : 200

  • 3D Station Aurangabad : 5500

  • Mission Sahayya (सहाय्य) Hyderabad : 5000

  • Dreamworks Mangalore : 4500

A step wise guide to making m19Shields


If you have a laser cutter and can source the materials needed, you too can make this in your local regions and distribute them to the healthcare workers in need! If you do use this design, please let us know how much impact you created on info@makersasylum.com. Let’s strengthen our local communities with the power of agile and distributed manufacturing! Help us achieve 100,000 Faceshields in India!

Bill of Materials :

  • OHP Sheets 175 Microns, A4 Size – 1/face shield
  • Foam Board – 8ft x 4ft (produces 239 head gears)
  • Elastic Band : 30cm/face shield
  • Foam Sticker – 6ft x 1ft (produces 1000 face shields)


Stepwise guide for Labs / Individuals

Health and safety video for all the labs that are working on the face shields and other PPE devices. It’s very important that we protect ourselves and the people at the lab, and no doctor should get any virus because of us. These are the precautions we are taking. We suggest you guys do the same. If you have suggestions on how to make this better please let us know. Good luck and keep making. No doctor should have to wear a garbage bag in the world to safeguard themselves and others! Together let’s make.


#M19 Users



The Device "ChargIon" prolongs the mobile device's battery life and saves electricity due to Energy leaks when the device overcharges, which sometimes leads the device to blast.


The Device "Eyedentify" is devised especially for the visually impaired to recognize people with the help of a cap fitted with camera and image processing unit.


The Device "BirdSense" is designed to prevents the birds from coming near your residence. especially in major cities.


Big shout out to entire global Open Source maker community for sharing skills, knowledge in the time of crisis! Its because of designs such as Project Apollo, Oxikit, Open Ox, Rerap, Marut, TCE that we have able to build and share the M19O2. All our learnings are available on our github repo on the link above and join the M-19 Collective for engineering, design, feedback and real time knowledge sharing.