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We spent majority of 2020 serving our frontline warriors with basic protection that they needed at the time by using our machines and space. The initiative started with a basic thought of making 1000 shields with 3 of our team members self isolating inside our space in Mumbai but slowly grew into the country’s largest open source movement with makers joining us from 42 cities, towns and villages and eventually making 1 Million face shields in 49 days! The M-19 shields are an ode to the power of a collective and truly represents self-sufficient local ecosystems – a new norm in a post #COVID19 world.



M-19 Shields shipped out of our goal of 1 Million

With the help of our M19 Collective, we were able to ship 1,073,704 M19 Face Shields in a record time of 49 Days. We thank all of our supporters and partners who helped us make this happen!


Stepwise guide to making M19 Shields

Here is a breakdown of how you can make the M19 Shields at your makerspace/workshop and also the health and safety video for self protection while making them. Good luck and keep making. No doctor should have to wear a garbage bag in the world to safeguard themselves and others! #makersgonnamake

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Day 5: 5000+ Face Shields Shipped

A step wise guide to making m19Shields


If you have a laser cutter and can source the materials needed, you too can make this in your local regions and distribute them to the healthcare workers in need! If you do use this design, please let us know how much impact you created on info@makersasylum.com. Let’s strengthen our local communities with the power of agile and distributed manufacturing! Help us achieve 100,000 Faceshields in India!

Bill of Materials :

  • OHP Sheets 175 Microns, A4 Size – 1/face shield

  • Foam Board – 8ft x 4ft (produces 239 head gears)


  • Elastic Band : 30cm/face shield


  • Foam Sticker – 6ft x 1ft (produces 1000 face shields)

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