Maker Spotlight at Maker’s Asylum Mumbai


Following the awesome Pecha Kucha format, Makers Asylum Mumbai recently hosted a Maker Spotlight event to showcase some of the projects being worked on by the community. We had a great list of speakers talking about a wide array of things ranging from experiences, travel adventures, making designer leather bags, handcrafted wooden eye frames to electronics and interactive learning products.

Tudor kickstarted the event with his experiences , and spoke about how he met interesting people on his travel along his professional journey. Some of the key things he pointed out were about how travelling exposed him to some amazing technology, talented individuals working across disciplines and their individual stories.

![Tudor Tarlev](/assets/images/Tudor-300×225.jpg) Tudor Tarlev

He gave some brilliant advice on the importance of keeping in touch with people, documenting your journey, connecting it to blogs and networking sites in order to reach out to a larger audience. He also shared with us his personal motto – build your network , collaborate , stick around and pass it on!
Follow his journey on – [https://www.tudornotes.com/](https://www.tudornotes.com/)

![Khyati Dodhia](/assets/images/Khyati-300×225.jpg) Khyati Dodhia

Right after that was Khyati Dodhia from Black Canvas who inspired us with how she started from making cloth covers for her books, to expanding the canvas of her creativity by designing leather bags. In her words, her journey with Maker´s Asylum enabled her to experiment with machines like the laser cutter to engrave patterns on leather and customise designs for her clients. She is excited to experiment further with materials like wood and combine it with leather to make one off innovative bags!

To know more about her designs , check – [https://www.theblackcanvas.in/](https://www.theblackcanvas.in/)

![redEx Team](/assets/images/redEx-300×225.jpg) redEx Team

The redEx team followed by shedding light on rethinking design and education. They spoke at length about the biomedical projects that their team has been working on. Their insight about the concept of taking research forward to make products, and therefore making technology accessible to a larger audience was inspiring. Since Maker´s Asylum was started with the intention of facilitating access, it was great to hear their story, seeing how it aligns closely with the Asylum’s motivations.

![Anool Mahidharia](/assets/images/Anool-1-300×225.jpg) Anool Mahidharia

Anool set the pace for electronics and the ventures of creating circuit boards. His current project is devising a way of teaching beginners the fundamentals of electronics. To do that, he is building a ´Learn to Solder´ kit which will then be made into an interactive wall installation.

![Anool 2](/assets/images/Anool-2-300×225.jpg)

You can be a part of this amazing idea and know more about it at the discussion forum here –


Right after that we had Vinay who is making wooden eye frames from a single block of wood. He spoke about his background and his journey reach this point where he intends to hand craft wooden eye frames out of a single block of wood.


There were also guys talking about everything from interactive dice to gigantic drones.

Hearing all these stories, and understanding what motivates people to build, was an amazing experience, and I can’t wait for the next spotlight event hosted at the Asylum.

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