Maker’s Asylum announces a new skill-building program under their flagship program, “Innovation School.”


To thrive in today’s fast-changing world, Skills and Academics need to go hand-in-hand. Since Skills and Academic competencies are interconnected, today’s young talents need to be agile to the changing nature of work and world needs.

Throughout time, contextual factors define the need for the skills and tools to reciprocate that change. According to the current demands of the world, the three eminent domains have significant education implications: technology, work, and globalization. Amongst the domains, working on new-edge technology and skills will develop more efficient, connected, and better opportunities for the young talents of the future.

Like the flip-side of the coin, there are not many efficient skill-building programs to harness this scope, creating a window of opportunity for Maker’s Asylum to develop programs for the young minds to learn and nurture the creator mindset.

Innovation School by Maker’s Asylum is a program that nurtures young minds to develop solutions to the fast-changing world problems.

About the program:

Innovations School is a 1:1 Skill-building program built on the three pillars of Design Thinking, Rapid prototyping, and Frugal Innovation. Innovation school accepts bold, creative, and out-of-box thinking while learning core-technical skills, which helps learners develop leadership skills, critical thinking, communication, team building, and problem-solving skills.

The skills taught in the program include: Virtual Reality and App development, CAD modelling & 3D Design, Electronics & Robotics, IoT & Home Automation, Drone Making, and Augmented Reality to meet the needs of future technological development.

After the learning period, a two-week experiential journey where the talents are taken through design thinking to develop projects with the support of industry mentors from project ideation to creation.

After training over 1000 students with these future-edge skills through the Innovation school program, Maker’s Asylum launched a batch paced program to reach more learners and create more impact with the world-changing projects developed by the young minds!

The program promises a 100day long engagement and offers a neutral playground for Creators/Innovators to think out of the box and develop real solutions that can change the world.

Do you have the knack to develop a project that can change the world? You should apply for the program today!

Apply now: Innoation School

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