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Welcome to the makerspace

The makerspace acts as a conduit for us to meet diverse and like minded individuals!

This is where the community comes together physically time and again to share knowledge and learn with each other. The physical space is DIY in nature and you need to know how to use the tools to get access. If you don’t know, you can also learn via our workshops and programs to start using the space. 

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500 For 1 Day

* (1) After evaluation of the skills for using the tools (2) Material cost is not included

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* (1) After evaluation of the skills for using the tools (2) Material cost is not included

what makes this special`

Things that you can look forward to

Creativity Community

Be part of a creative & passionate community of like minded folks

Share & Learn Skills

Barter skills and share what you can offer to the community. Also be part of our programs, workshops & community events

Access to tools & equipment

Shared space for tools and prototyping. A co-making space once can say!

Drill Press Cafe

Get the famous Drill Press Coffee - yes you guessed it right. Its made using a drill machine 🙂

100 years of heritage

The makerspace is inside a beautiful Goan home that embodies the dichotomy of old & new so beautifully in the village of Moira, Goa

Edu Tourism

Take this opportunity to see Goa in a different light. Experience creative learning like never before in the midst of the nature.

Main space
3D Printers
Woodworking Workshop
Front porch
Backyard/Community Space
Drill Press Cafe
Backyard/Community Space
Asylum BBQ
Events at the space
Drill Press Cafe

Drill Press Cafe

Welcome to our one of its cafe inside a makerspace set in the beautiful village of Moira, Goa. 

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