MAME Buildgroup: Final woodworking report


MAME Cabinet Build

This will be a quick progress report. Saturday 13th March, I got to the asylum quite early and began putting in the final panels of the MAME cabinet buildgroup.
There wasn’t any good board around for the back panel and also to avoid putting in more screws, I decided to use the cross I had made the Saturday before and like a window, put in 4 panels.

Cutting a rabbet into each length wasn’t much of a challenge for the rabbet cutting machine and we must have done in 30 minutes what I take a day to do by hand.
That done, I quickly cut out the remaining pieces and glued them on to the frame leaving only the back attached with screws.
I cut out sloping pieces to support the console area, as this will take the most punishment. You know how one forgets where they are when playing games, right?

MAME Cabinet Build


The front panel will remain open for now. Rupin will solder the switches, add a few more I believe and then install the pi.
That’s it for this report.

Oh and the cabinet needs a coat of primer and then paint.

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