MAME Buildgroup: Inching toward completion


The MAME build began 2 months back, with a request from Rupin for an LCD monitor. OK Maybe it was 3 months back.
The LCD arrived the same week, and a lot of brain storming has been done on how the cabinet will be. We had ideas to
Make it of cardboard and some strong base, just to see how it looks
Make it of plywood and MDF and whatever else was lying around
Make it of steel. Nice thin gauge steel bent professionally, I didn’t know we had a stock bender in the workshop
We’ve had some cool ideas of it being fold-able into a suitcase and lugged around "effortlessly"
But finally after a long wait and while I was busy with the workbench build, Rupin decided that he had had enough. On the last day of the workbench build he simply dragged me away from the bench and we began drawing on the white board. Shape first.


Rupin’s sketch was so awesome that I knew that he had been dreaming about this cabinet for some time, and that kind of obsession, I cannot ignore. This was 3 weeks back.
Since then the entire cabinet just fell into place. The sides we cut out of 5 mm ply, the base out of 1cm MDF and one of the top pieces of 6mm ply.
The basic shape in place. Rupin got the frame for the monitor done. We’ve opened up the monitor and removed just the screen and electronics.

I then attached the frame to the sides, and routed out a groove so the screen would pivot back and forth. So that those who are not as vertically challenged as I am can see the screen without getting reflections. We then put together a cross like frame by half lapping 2 lengths of wood.


At the beginning of this week, Rupin put together the electronics and the guys at the Asylum have been having a blast. One holds the screen, while the other plays.
I tried my hand at Mario Bros this evening. Those darn owls are fast!!! (That’s my defense! 😉 )
This Saturday, we’ll be done with the basic cabinet. All that is left is the back and top and some bits around the screen. What is going to be a challenge is cutting the holes for the USB. We need 2 of them, for the external consoles.
We also need screws and nails in more varied lengths. Must see about that too.

In case you are interested in helping us paint the cabinet, be quick about getting on board. Next week the job will be done and we will be gaming away like maniacs.

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