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The M-19 initiative started with a thought of giving only 1000 M-19 shields to the frontline workers. However, in 49 days we were able to activate 42 cities, towns and villages through our open source design and give over 1 Million M-19 face shields through #theM19Collective.

From Flying Wheelchairs to Smart Bands, DIY & Build Your Own Tech at This ‘Asylum’

“We make, we break, we create! Its a human thing!” says Vaibhav, whose Maker’s Asylum is building an army of innovators who think out-of-the-box. Forging a smarter and stronger India indeed! #Innovation

This ‘Asylum’ In Mumbai Is A Hub For Innovation

“Maker’s Asylum is called an asylum because it’s a madhouse where it allows people from different backgrounds to brew something completely new,” Vaibhav Chhabra, the startup’s founder, told BloombergQuint.

Making 1 Million Face Shields For India’s Healthcare Workers

Eager to help keep India's healthcare workers safe during the # COVID19 pandemic, Maker's Asylum Mumbai decided to take on the challenge of designing and manufacturing 1 million face shields. With the help of 23 other labs across India, here's how Vaibhav Chhabra and his team plan to rise to the challenge.