M-19 Jr Shields Made with Extra Care and Soft Edges

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Protective face shields used to help prevent touching face, eyes and ears and also protection from mucous, splatter. This is especially made for babies and kids (infants & toddlers) with extra protective foam. Please note the dimensions would be for one size for the pack.



Protective face shields are used to help prevent touching the face, eyes and ears and also protect from mucous, splatter. This is specially made for babies and kids (infants & toddlers) with extra protective foam. Please note the dimensions would be for one size for the pack.

  • Designed and made in India with extensive research on materials, design and comfort of use for kids as they have very sensitive skin
  • Handcrafted with no sharp edges 
  • Extremely lightweight for prolonged usage 
  • Made out of sustainable and recyclable materials in our lab in Mumbai with extremely high sanitation standards
  • Offers excellent protection against potential contamination from blood pathogens, body fluids, or harmful chemical splash
  • Air gap keeps the child well ventilated and also causes no fogging


PS: The Baby is not included 😉 Free shipping for orders over INR 750. 

Additional information


Blue, pink, orange, yellow


0-1 Years, 1-3 Years, 4-6 Years, 7-10 Years


Pack Of 5, Pack Of 3

Product Description

  • Thickness – 200 Microns
  • Height – Custom made
  • Width – Custom made
  • Weight – 10-20 grams
  • Latex Free
  • Visor Material – PET/OHP Sheet
  • Padding Material – 4 mm EVA Foam (Biodegradable)
  • Usage – Over cotton/surgical protection
  • Frequency of Usage – Multi-use

6 reviews for M-19 Jr Shields Made with Extra Care and Soft Edges

  1. Afsal Jalal

    Bought this item (0-12months) in August 2020, while my family who got stuck in India had to come back to UAE. Our Kid was 8 months old that time . Bought this couple of days before flying and got her trained (distract her if she try to pull it out). Since the product is light weight and bands are elastic which is coming to back of their head(not ears), babies won’t show much disturbance. This was useful and gave confidence for my wife to handle our baby to carry across throughout the journey. Never seen any other light Weight face shields for babies, so Just bought another set in 2021 (1-3years) coz this is the best stuff available

  2. Yamini Nishad


    Recently we decided to travel to our native place and because of the current situation we were a little worried about my son’s safety who is just 2 months old.Then we got to know about M19 shields and after using it I am extremely satisfied.I would definitely recommend this product to others as for infants no other option is possible.Thanks makersasylum for making this product.

  3. Ruhani Basu

    Trust me everyone reading this. Makers asylum and thr sheilds they sent are amazing.
    They look super cute on my 4 months baby girl.
    Thank you makers asylum for every initiative you took, for answering all my queries ang sending me the best ones.

  4. Navaz


    I had ordered a shield for my son and I am absolutely Happy with it, great quality and on time delivery. Absolutely smooth. Thank you

  5. Suba Vignesh

    After googling so much I end up in buying this face shield for my 2 yr kid , I prefer making my son to wear this for his air travel as this is really safe, covering the Entire face , very cosy, snug fit, much ventilated, with no fancy frills ,light weight and pocket friendly too.
    Thanks you people .
    This is really good.

  6. user

    The product is really nice and comfortable for a newborn baby. I would definitely recommend buying this product if are planning to travel with your child.

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