Banana Brigade


Problem Statement

Dumping of Banana stem in large quantity which causes Farmers facing issues of Soil Degradation, Pest Infestation, Cost of Decompose Land-Water-Air pollution by dumping on land & in waterbodies and by burning Releasing Harmful Gases over-dumping during decompose causes harmful environment Spreading Diseases & India Receiving Global funds majorly for Vector Borne diseases

SDG in focus

Goal 6 – Clean water & sanitation , Goal 8 – Decent Work , Goal 11 – Sustainable cities & communities , Goal 12 – Responsible consumption & production , Goal 13 – Climate Action , Goal 14 – Life below water , Goal 15 – Life on land

Final Solution

Banana stem sustainable packaging solutions Uniqueness : ABUNDANT AVAILABILITY, ECOFRIENDLY & BIODEGRADABLE, HIGHER POSITIVE IMPACT IN SOCIO-ECONOMIC-ENVIRONMENT, WORKABILITY & VAST DESIGN POSSIBILITY, STRENGTH & DURABILITY, LONG TERM ECOLOGICAL SUSTAINABILITY comparing with other packaging materials such as plastic, tree cut paper, other plant based (bamboo, sugarcane, etc.,)

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Project Contributors

Ajay kumar menaria, Arunima Gupta, Venicia Agnes Fernandes , Meghabharathi (alias) Manimegalai

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