Compassion Club


Final problem statement

Lack of skills like communication, creativity and critical thinking in students of class 6th to 8th

Final Solution

The solution has been proposed keeping in mind the key factors and challenges. Project ‘Compassion Clubs and Guru Gaming’ is a double layered solution. Below are further details on it:

1. Compassion Clubs in Schools:

Compassion clubs will be introduced in schools to promote the development of essential life skills and values in students. These clubs will be organized on ‘Bagless’ Saturdays, ensuring students have a dedicated day for holistic development.
The clubs will focus on introducing various activities, games, and fun sessions that foster communication, creativity, critical thinking, empathy, and compassion among students.
Activities may include group discussions, art projects, community service projects, role-playing scenarios, and team-building exercises to instill values like kindness, understanding, and respect in students.

2. ‘GuruGaming’ Platform for Teachers:

‘GuruGaming’ will be a gamified platform designed to empower teachers with continuous support, resources, and opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge.
The platform will feature a pool of resources, including educational materials, interactive teaching tools, and best practices shared by experienced educators.
Teachers will have access to a variety of activities and workshops on the platform that will help them build innovative and effective teaching techniques.
To make the learning process more engaging, the platform will introduce gamification elements, where teachers can earn rewards, badges, and points for completing courses and contributing to the community.
‘GuruGaming’ will also facilitate networking opportunities, allowing them to connect with other educators, share experiences, and collaborate on various projects to enrich their teaching methods.

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Project Contributors

Sukhda Gupta | Riya Hira | valliappan

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