Ecologic Vodka

SDG school

Problem Statement

Nowadays, our consumption influences climate change and has environmental issues. It is difficult to change habits overnight and some people will not do it by themselves.

The carbon footprint of Grenoble INP parties should be reduced, for example with vodka, whose consumption represents a CO2 emission five times higher than beer or wine.

Reducing vodka and waste at parties could be a first step towards more environmentally friendly parties.

The question is : How can we reduce parties’ carbon footprint by influencing alcohol consumption ?

Primary Research

The statement made earlier is related to our lifes as students and our desire to make things change leads us to look at this issue from this perspective.

Final Solutions

Our final solution is a rigged game that allows people to let fate choose what they will drink. The game is rigged because we play on probabilities so that the event of “having vodka” is less likely than “having drinks with a lower environmental impact”.

Skills Applied

Manual, communication, resolution

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Project Contributors

Martin Juliette | Labau Alexandre | Grezes Mathieu | Pietrera Maxime | Chailloux Melchior

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