Empty Your Plate


Problem Statement

After days of discussion, we finally settled our problem and came up with the solution.

WHO: Students from different schools of Grenoble INP

WHAT: Students pour out their uneaten meals

WHERE: At Crous Restaurants

WHY: They take too much food and can’t finish them all, No conscience of what they are doing

Primary Research

We’ve decided to have a competition between different schools of Grenoble INP (Ense3, Ensimag, Phelma, etc.). The competition is about comparing the amount of unfinished food that students pour out into the trash can of déchet alimentaire (food waste), by comparing the weight of total food waste in the trash can. After calculating the data of the day before, we will evaluate and present the result on the scoretable that we design.  As everyone in Grenoble INP has a strong sense of pride in their own institute, the competition should be a really good way to make them aware of the food waste problem and then make some changes.

Final Solution

A competition between different schools of INP. Comparing the total weight of their food waste, the one with the least amount of food waste in weight wins.

Skills Applied:

We have a teammate who’s specialized in electricity, and we have some who are capable of using designing softwares. But mostly we use our communication skills and good cooperation skill to put our solutions together.

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Project Contributors

DAI Zongyang | Loris Ruivet | Diani Najlae | Mohammed Amine Mjaidila | Youen

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