Food-Carrying Juggernaut


Create and develop a working prototype of a vehicle incorporating design elements from the A6 Juggernaut from Star Wars, featuring a specialized container for food transportation.

Problem Statement:

Design and develop a line-following and remote-controlled robot, with a built-in compartment to securely hold and transport food items. The robot should exhibit autonomous line-following capabilities while also allowing remote control operation for enhanced user interaction. The primary objective is to create an entertaining and functional robot that combines the joy of Star Wars aesthetics with practicality by providing a reliable and secure compartment for transporting food items.


● The robot must be able to follow a line that is drawn on the floor.
● The robot must be able to deliver food to a specific location.
● The robot must be modeled after the A6 Juggernaut from Star Wars.
● Weight capacity should be defined for the food compartment.
● Size limitations should accommodate common food containers.
● Design should prioritize easy cleaning and food safety.
● Power efficiency must be maximized for extended operation.
● Maneuverability on different surfaces and stability are crucial.
● Remote control range should allow operation from a distance.
● Safety sensors for collision detection and emergency stop.
● Adherence to a specific budget or cost constraints.
● Intuitive and user-friendly interface for easy operation.

Solutions Brainstorming:

We set out on the task of scaling down the remarkable A6 juggernaut model, aiming to strike the perfect balance between size and functionality to accommodate a portion of food. Initially, we considered 3D printing the entire model, but soon realized that crafting compartments and casings for the electronics posed a significant challenge. As a result, we opted for laser-cut wood parts, which allowed us to work with precision and creativity. Considering factors such as motor weight and battery capacity, we carefully weighed our options to ensure optimal performance and balance. Throughout this captivating journey, we encountered obstacles that tested our problem-solving skills and determination. Yet, with unwavering dedication and a collaborative spirit, we successfully crafted a scaled-down A6 juggernaut that is as functional as it is visually impressive.

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Project Contributors

Yohan Vinu | Dhruv Shah | Lakshya Bajaj

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