sustainable cities and communities


To create an RC vehicle that can be used to clean up beaches

Problem statement

The abundance of cheap plastic present on beaches that aren’t recycled.

SDG in focus

  • Promote sustainable technologies to developing countries
  • Enhance global partnership for sustainable devolpment

Challenges faced and their solutions

  • The wires were too short to connect the motors to the board. We made holes in the board itself to shorten the distance
  • The RC rover was very complex to complete within a week. We decided to make a hovercraft instead due to the availibility of the materials we needed.
  • Faced difficulty in making a good air cushion due to not finding a good material like nylon and it being too difficult to cut into appropriate size. We settled with plastic often found in wrapping of things.

Final solution


A small Hovercraft that can move around the beaches and collect small plastic waste using the attachment in the back.

Using the drone kit and the laser printer, we could make a hovercraft to perform the desired function. Hence we used Pluto primus x, and we could connect a device with a certain app to the board using Wi-Fi.

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Project Contributors

Aaditya Desai | Dev Vacher

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