La vachne

Problem Statement

Since the drought of this summer, the village, Sainte-Agnès, in mountain near Belledone knows a lack of source water that is for the beasts. So we have to find a new solution to fight this lack.

Primary research

We talked to Anne, a woman who lives in Sainte-Agnes and who was concerned by the issue. We found it very interesting and we decided to appropriate the issue.

Final solution

We decided to input a double sluice gate in pipe after the tap. This sluice gate is linked to a lever which allow to decide if the water goes in the grid or for the cow and other animals.

Skills used to make your project

3D print, Solidworks, laser cutter

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Project Contributors

Hugo MORAND | Guillaume LE HOERFF | Charline AUFRANC | Noa PEREIRA | Kenzo PELAGATTI | Aziliz GARNIER

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