A lowcost augmented reality device, targeted at rural areas with limited/no access to technology, to help children learn simple geometry and trigonometry, by interacting with shapes physically.


The device recognizes the positions of markers on the flat surface and calulates the position in a pixel plain. It then calculates the shortest lines connecting the dots and forms a convex shape, which is then projected back on the surface. 

Along with the shape, the device also displays the name of the shape, lengths of all the edges, enclosed angles, area of the shape along with the formula used to calculate the same. 

As the user moves the markers, all the information is updated live, thus giving the user a real-time proof of geometry/trigonometry concepts. 

To make the interaction two-way, the device can also display challenges/puzzles, which the user can solve. 

The content switch can be programmed for different functions like switch between basic & detailed views, or free-play & puzzle mode. 

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Gunjan Chowdhary

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