A robot bartender that makes the drinks for you.

Problem statement

To provide the thirsty ones with energizing and refreshing drinks that calm the mind and soul.


It was hard to stick the wood pieces together for the enclosure.
The latter part of the project was rushed due to the late arrival of our motor pumps.

The pumps came very last minute
The app we used to create our app was not very good
There were lots of errors with the code
We had a very hard time sticking the wood pieces together. Since we hadn’t laser cut the wood, the pieces were not exactly perfect.
We also bought the wrong wood glue since it did not help stick the wood together, and when we checked amazon for the description it did not say it was wood glue.

Solutions brainstorming

Our first idea was to have dispensers for each drink and the cup would move around using some tracks. We made a block diagram to see the flow of our ideas.

Final solution

To have an idea of what our bar bot would look like, we used a reference video on YouTube. This gave us the outlook of how our exterior design would be, and where we would be placing our electrical components, water pumps and placement area for the drinks. We worked around the design a bit, and came up with the conclusion that there will be one box which will behave as the dispensing unit. This box is a small box with a hole from which the pipe will pass through.

We then tried to design the model in CAD and then we made our first prototype with cardboard which was 1/5th the actual size. We then re-designed the model and made it out of foamboard. This was ½ the actual size of what it was going to be.

Finally we made the final piece out of plywood and PVC pipes as the inner skeleton. We designed some brackets on the laser cutter which was useless because we didn’t stick it right.

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Project Contributors

Kavir Kothari | Promit Sengupta | Reyansh Rampal

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