Safe Snaan – Dignity for her

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Problem Statement

Migrant women residing in urban construction sites lack access to safe private bathing space which results in unhygienic & unsafe living conditions. They are very often forced to bathe in uncovered, unsafe, exposed settings on a daily basis due to negligence of their well being and lack of decision making capacity. Many construction sites in our country provide toilets, but a bathing space is typically not a priority, leaving women with no option but to bathe in the open and in vulnerable spaces at odd hours, which can lead to various health problems.

SDG in focus

Goal 3 – Good Health & Well Being , Goal 6 – Clean water & sanitation , Goal 12 – Responsible consumption & production

Final Solution

A low-cost and easily replicable bathing pod called “Safe Snaan,” which is designed to provide a safe and private space for women migrant construction workers to bathe. We have used locally available materials such as tarpaulin sheets, bamboo, and rope to create the pod, making it cost-effective and easy to construct.
The design also incorporates features to promote safety, security, hygiene and behavioural change. Additionally, we intend to take a community led innovative approach to ensure usage and uptake of our project through social and behavioral capacity building of the women as well as graphics illustrating hygiene practices encouraging regular use of the pod. We also plan to provide education and training on menstrual and reproductive hygiene, which is a critical need for these women.

Reference (Miro) : https://miro.com/app/board/uXjVPksVXf0=/

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Project Contributors

Aayush Agrawal, Riddhi Javali, Amrutha Prakash, Sonal Raj, Jatin Khaimani

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