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Problem Statement

In many restaurants, the chef has to prepare the food in advance in order to be more efficient when the orders come. But sometimes, there is some unsold food at the end of the service. In order to avoid the waste of prepared food, we want to find a solution that best suits both parties : the customers and the restaurants.

Primary research

One of our team members is working (as a student job) as waiter in a Japanese restaurant. He can’t understand why restaurants waste so much, this is not responsible from a sustainable point of view. Therefore, it is an economic loss for restaurant owners.

Final solution

Restaurant owners just have to download our app, then indicate their unsold food in it , and choose in which locker they want to sell their products, and that’s it. We will come to their restaurant and take the food. Then, we put leftover food in the food locker which is a self-service machine. Customers download our app, scan the QR code which is present on the locker, thus they will be able to have on their smartphone all the information of the restaurant (quantity, price, deposit date, …). Finally, they can buy directly the products they want or if they are already customers of this restaurant, they can play a little game, answer all the questions asked by them, in order to have a chance to have a reduction in the next consumption In this restaurant.

Skills used to make your project

Collaboration / Team spirit / Listening to each other / Learn from others

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Project Contributors

CHARMOT Victor | DEMANZE Antoine | ZHANG Yucheng | COMBAT Elie

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