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A system that measures and regulates temperature within an ice box so that vaccines stay in the optimal temperature range.

Problem statement:

There are often problems with temperature regulation of vaccines while they are being transported with no definite way for the driver of the vehicle to be informed of it.

SDG in play:

SDG 3 Good health and well-being


Not enough power to run the system. The peltier blocks incorporated in the project are inefficient and require a lot of power which our battery could not provide

Solutions brainstorming:

We first thought of adding some sort of additional coolant to the system which is triggered when the temperature is not optimal. Our ideas included flowing cold water in pipes around it or a trapdoor system holding additional ice. However, in this system we had no control over the temperature even after providing the necessary cooling. Hence, we did not go with it

Next, we thought of Peltier blocks. Here we were faced with another challenge: peltiers can be quite inefficient and they heat up to a great extent which can pose issues. To battle this we used heat sinks to dissipate the heat energy from the Peltier to the surroundings and a fan to further drive the energy out of the system

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Project Contributors

Aaditya Shah | Kabir Punjwani | Avya Gupta

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