The Raspberry Pi Foundation India team, along with the MAker's Asylum team, pose at the woodworking workshop


Raspberry Pi Team Visits Maker’s Asylum For Woodworking Fun!


Maker’s Asylum is an open community maker space. We thrive in building collaborative relationships with organizations invested in the open source movement. So it was a great opportunity for us to host the team from the Raspberry Pi Foundation India a couple of weeks back. They visited us for a weekend of woodworking and team building fun. After all, Moira, the quaint little village in north Goa that we call home, has long been home to a resident community of skilled carpenters.

We were delighted to welcome Anuj Alphonson, Divya Joseph, Vasundhara Srivastava and the rest of the Raspberry Pi Foundation crew and started off with a tour of the Asylum. Vaibhav then gave them a quick introduction to our workshop, our safety and shop rules, and a look at all the manual and power tools at our disposal.

Once the team were comfortable at the ‘shallow end of the pool’, it was time to brainstorm and decide on a fun collaborative project. After some back and forth, it was decided to build a collective jigsaw puzzle. Individual team members would cut the pieces of the jigsaw, and then the team had to figure out how to fit the different pieces together to solve the puzzle.

Jigsaw puzzles are most fun when everyone pitches in !

While having all this fun, we had great conversations on their amazing work in India around their skill building program for educators. We discussed a lot about how the two organizations can work together to help build the #makercommunity in India and have more collaborative programs in the future!

Since words don’t do justice to the fun everyone had at the Asylum, here’s a gallery that conveys the mood and spirit more appropriately!

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