Recommended places to stay in Goa- Your guide for an off-beat staying experience at Goa.

Goa is a place that has to offer a lot! Goa treats you the way you want it to treat you! Your experience depends on what you are looking for:

The Idealist way: Are you, somebody, trying to experience the idealistic lifestyle in Goa, then Beach shacks are the place for you. Enjoy the sea breeze, the crashing sounds of the waves, party till the sun comes up, enjoy the candle-lit dinners with the waves swaying away your feet.

Rudy’s shack on Calangute beach is the perfect lodging place for hippies, Rudy’s is known for organizing bonfire dinners and fire shows. 

The Budget Frenzy: Never let the budget steer you away from having fun. Goa is known for its popular backpacking hostels like the Hosteller.

The Runaway: If you are traveling to Goa for a getaway, running away from the daily hustle-bustle of the fast-paced city life, then you check out the eco-farm stays at Goa. Be it a long holiday or short, spend your time at these farms and rejuvenate yourself in nature’s lap. You can check for Maangal farmstay and Goan farmstay getaway.

The Digital Nomad: Are you working most of the time remotely and would like to explore simultaneously? You can check out Nomadgao, a co-work and co-living space where you can work, live and expand your horizons professionally.

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