Repair and Reuse – Fixing Oxygen Concentrators!

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Fixing things has been integral to India’s Culture over centuries. The mindset of repair & reuse dates back to time immemorial and with the rise of consumerism unfortunately most of us do not think twice before discarding or throwing things away!

And this mindset also prevails when it comes to medical grade equipment, especially the ones getting imported into the country. Flashback to second wave in India, thousand’s of oxygen concentrators made their way in from China and various parts of the world. Did we even check on if all of them are working or not anymore? May be not! But we did a little research and found a few hundred for sure that have stopped working due to various reasons.

The #M19Initiative has been evolving in its journey and in this next phase we have working on skilling local communities to repair oxygen concentrators. We gathered some knowledge while making our own a couple of months back we also think that makerspaces, fablabs can become great conduits in the #righttorepair movement across the world as #fixing has also been very integral to the #makerculture.

So join us for our #virtualrepaircafe on the 10th of December where we share our insights and also open discussion on how we can integrate #circulareconomy and #repairandreuse while we make more things. Thank you EU Resource Efficiency Initiative (India) for supporting this!

Register here for #virtualrepaircafe

And if you know anyone who has oxygen concentrators that need fixing please ask them to share details here

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