Repair, Reuse & Circular Economy

Skilling Local Communities For Repair & Reuse

Saving Oxygen Concentrators ending up in Landfills!

Repair, Reuse & Circular Economy

Skilling Local Communities For Repair & Reuse

Saving Oxygen Concentrators ending up in Landfills!

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Repair, Reuse and Circular Economy

Repair & Reuse

The aim of this engagement is to adopt an innovative approach for decentralised model of knowledge sharing for manufacturing by connecting different makerspace and outreach to local communities as well as to ideate and develop solutions for responding to the challenge of equipment repairs and their product life-extension. It can enable and empower local manufacturers to meet immediate needs relating to COVID-19 Response including through local manufacturing, repair and maintenance, and thereby to contribute towards Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy!

Preliminary Insights and Research

During second wave of COVID-19, India was importing large amounts of oxygen concentrators from other countries including China, USA and France. In Goa, the Rotary Club of Margao had procured oxygen concentrators as part of their CSR to donate to hospitals and a few hundred of them had stopped working. In June 2021, the team at the Rotary Club reached out to Maker’s Asylum to understand if they could help them fix these broken oxygen concentrators. That’s when they started working on understanding if there are many more such cases in India and floated a small request sheet to procure data from a few hospitals in different parts of the country.

About European Union’s Resource Efficiency Initiative (EU-REI)

Aims to support India in the implementation of the United Nations global Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) agenda by way of adapting international standards and best practices in business on resource efficiency and fostering the efficient and sustainable use of natural resources. EU REI got on board the M19 Initiative to support skilling and building capacity of local communities to manufacture and repair locally medical grade equipment such as oxygen concentrators in a decentralised manner.

Saving Oxygen Concentrators From Going To Landfills


Repair Cafes

European Union has been championing the #righttorepair movement and Maker’s Asylum is very honored to be contributing to it with the next phase of the #M19Initiative. The maker community has an important role to play and can act as great conduits to this movement. We have so far under this project hosted repair cafes in Pune, Goa and virtually to share what we know and engage more, fablabs and individuals to join the movement.

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