Showcase + Anniversary at the Delhi Asylum


While we’ve been quiet for a while, it’s only because we had a killer party to celebrate Maker’s Asylum turning TWO. While Maker’s Asylum Delhi is yet to turn two, we took the opportunity to call our friends over, showcase some of what what we’ve been upto, to the sound of music and sizzle of sausages over our ninja grill. Yes that happened.

Sehaj showed up with his Kinect enabled motion emulating bot, which turned out to be quite the hit with the folks present.

Ofcourse we might have also pushed it a bit too far, but that’s part of the game at the Asylum. You haven’t truly made something, till you’ve broken it and put it back together, right?

Needless to say, you can’t have a party at the Asylum without some 3D printing action.

Ofcourse the laser needs to be fired up, because, how else are we to make gifts for our friends?

Ofcourse ain’t no party without music. Dr Chugh aka CZHAR played a killer set, despite a makeshift console and hacked together speakers to get the sound out.

Here’s Dr Chugh setting up his console.

But gotta give it to the man, he didn’t let that come in the way of his music.

The music definitely did the trick too.

Interestingly enough, despite the killer tunes being played upstairs, the ever-so-nostalgic sound of 8-bit chip tunes stayed with us through the night. Courtesy, our awesome retro emulator, which kept everyone queuing for a shot at Mario.

Ofcourse, now that we have a grill at the Asylum, no party can go without murmurs of wanting to grill. Sneha, Mira, Tanya, Abhinav & Shailendra got busy setting up a the grill and cooked us all a meal.

It was a fun night for our friends & community to come together and celebrate what we’ve achieved while making plans for what lies ahead. Might I also add, I’m not kidding when I say we made plans. Stay tuned as we unveil some of those soon.

So that was us celebrating. Hopefully, we’ll see YOU the next time we do!

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