Sitrep from the Delhi Asylum


It’s been a busy couple of weeks at the Delhi Asylum. Between a ton of exciting projects being worked on and planning some fun stuff we’ll announce soon, it’s kept us busy enough to have not updated our status in a while. Well, consider this a sitrep.

Spreading the love for Making
We had a fun day recently when a group of students from Ashoka University dropped by the Asylum.

Most of them never having experienced a makerspace before, understandably had a ton of questions. We did our best answering them all, while teaching them a thing or two about 3D printing and laser cutting.

Builds and Experiments
It’s been a design heavy couple of weeks at the Asylum, as we’ve had a group of Accessory & Product Design students working at the Asylum on their projects.

Kartik has been exploring solutions as to how best to present his portfolio, being a final year student and all that.

Meanwhile, Ananya worked on a prototype for her furniture design project.

Niharika simultaneously was working on refining a prototype of her bathroom fixtures project.

I must say, she did a splendid job of it too.

Ananya even managed to make a little something for her father as a gift.

Ofcourse being surrounded by product designers, we all got entrenched in experimenting with the laser cutter. I’m honestly still in awe of that machine.

Fine, I confess. I can’t get enough of that machine.

Ofcourse, we’re never satisfied till we make use of all the tools at our disposal.

Ashish has been working on some fun electronics projects. He’s currently working on this great lighting concept that we’re all quite excited about. Stay tuned while he wraps that up.

Meanwhile, while the members do their thing, the team has been hard at work collaborating with our friends at Funstore in planning for a comprehensive IoT course that we plan on rolling out soon.

Needless to say, we figured out a way to incorporate the laser into the course. Because, why not?

Making New Friends

Oh but that’s not all. We also made some new friends this week. KHOJ International Artists’ Association, which as it happens, is situated right next to us, happened to have their end of residency show this week. A bunch of resident artists at KHOJ, stopped by the Asylum to use everything from the 3D printers to the laser, in getting their work done for the show.

Meanwhile Paul, dropped by the Asylum and inspired by the laser (yes I know, the laser’s a real winner), decided to design a case for his Kindle.


That’s only the highlights of what we’ve been upto in the last two weeks or so. This week is going to be even more fun as we have a couple of awesome things planned. Stay tuned as we announce those.

Till next time .. keep making!

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