Storage cabinets for carpentry and Mechanics


Storage cabinets are big huge, hold alls which are designed simply with a lot of nooks and crannies. They hold a lot of weight and in this case will double up at a display unit too.

The asylum has acquired a lot of tools along the way, and the long and short of it is that we are running out of space to store and display them.

Associate Decor has kindly agreed to provide us with all the particle board we need. Particle board is used to build large cabinets and cupboards and stuff. If you have a ready made “wooden” cabinet; I’ll bet its particle board that was used.

Now, I’ve designed a relatively simple storage cabinet. 2 columns with shelves on either side and a large pegboard supporting them. The pegboard will be used to hang tools, I might also change the peg board into a system of french cleats for more reliable “hanging”. The cabinet is 6 feet tall, ~5 wide and 2 deep.

It has a tables that folds away underneath and which can be folded up and supported on to hinged legs.

The bottom portion of each column will have 2 drawers each. The drawers are 5 inches deep. The remaining space will be left empty for now.

I invite people who like building to volunteer to help build this. I will make 5 teams and assign a particular portion to each team. At the end of the week we will meet and put the whole cabinet together. Each team will be responsible for the completion of the portion assigned to them. (I will make voodoo dolls of all the teams as insurance 😉 )

Power tools will definitely be used so if

Design of the storage cabinet for carpentry

you are a member and are not yet rated on the power tools then this is a god send.

Stalk the Makers asylum Facebook group page to find out when we will have the first meeting for this build.

Also this is part of a larger build series with the particle board provided by Associate Decor (https://www.associatedecor.com/) so do stay tuned.

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