String Art- Do-It-Yourself

String art is a fun activity to make a colourful picture by wrapping thread or wool around the nails hammered into the woodblock. 

String art is a fun activity to make a colourful picture by wrapping thread or wool around the nails hammered into the woodblock. 

String Art has been around Since the ’70s and has recently got back into the Limelight. In the 19th century, String Art made mathematical ideas more accessible to children. In the late 1960s, String Art was popularised as a decorative craft.

Also, This is an inexpensive and creative craft for DIY Fans of all ages. Inexpensive?—-Hey, it’s my thing, Totally!

Materials needed:

  1. Wooden Plank Or Canvas – I would suggest you go with Wood plank as Nails would be unsafe and challenging to work with when you use Canvas. I am sure you wouldn’t want to hurt your fingers in the process.
  2. Nails- You can use coloured pins to make your artwork look more attractive.
  3. Embroidery Floss (your choice of colours)
  4. Cloth of your choice if you don’t like the bare surface of the wood.
  5. Paper
  6. Hammer

Once we have all the materials handy, We can begin preparing the paper stencil.

Step 1: You can simply download a design you want to make your string art, or you can also draw your own design ~ I will leave it up to you!

Note: When you download the design, make sure the design size is up to the length of the plank!

Step 2: Prep up the surface

I like using the wood as it is; I just sanded the surface using Sandpaper so that the surface is smooth. You know the rawness of the wood is captivating. No offense! You can totally choose to cover the surface with a cloth, or you can paint the surface as well.

Step 3: Nail along the outline of the paper stencil.

Secure the paper stencil on the wooden board with tape and insert the nails along the outline of the design. Try to place the nails as evenly as possible and nail them to the same depth. Be careful with the nails and don’t hammer yourself!

Step 4:  Remove the paper stencil.

Once you nail the nails, untape and pull off the paper.

Step 5: Pattern making with the string

Find the Northstar of the Pattern and begin wrapping the string to the nail. Start mapping the pattern in your mind – Let’s get the mind to do all the working! Be it haphazardly, or symmetrical, or Linear! Be it a single colour or multiple colours- you decide! 

Step 6: Fill inside the shape.

Fill inside the pattern; there is no right or wrong way to do it like I told you earlier. 

You decide how you want it to look! You can Simply go from one side to the other; top to bottom and one corner to the other, varying the lengths and order randomly. Wrap the ends of the strings tightly to the nail when you are done. I’m sure you wouldn’t want the strings to loosen up and let all your efforts go down the drain. 

Note: If you are running off the string in between, tie the end to the nail and begin where you left. 

You are done when you like it! 

Step 7: Hang it!

When you are done, just get it hanging to the wall wherever you like!

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