The Laser cutting ninja


I’ve been dying to use the laser cutter at the asylum for weeks now; Literally dying. Every Saturday I promise that the next one will be the day and that never happens. I have my woodworking class on Saturday and my tribe is so much fun that I simply forget the rest of the world.
Yesterday, the universe contrived a situation. I was able to get a half day from work. I rushed back home and babysat and then rushed off to the asylum for Mr Kaustubh’s laser cutting class.
Now the laser cutter is a cool thing, and most of you guys will have seen the results it gives. I’m not going to write about that. I am going to write about the trainer though.
The session started 15 minutes late, with out stretchable timings that seems a constant. But once it began time flew by, the allotted 2 hours was up before I knew it and I was out, elated, excited and enthused.
Kaustubh’s delivery is quick, crisp and no nonsense. It is immediately obvious that he knows exactly what he is talking about. Listen to him for an hour and you feel like you’ve been using the machine for days.
If you have been thinking of going for the session and getting yourself rated, do it quick. He is certainly the best trainer around.

Thanks Kaustubh.

Laser Cutter Tool Training

Laser Cutter Tool Training

Laser Cutter Tool Training

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